3 sessions I am looking forward to at RealAI 2016


In just a few days, Cognitive Creations is going to attend the RealAI conference hosted by the British Computing Society’s Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group (SGAI). RealAI is a one-day event focusing exclusively on real-world developments and applications of artificial intelligence.

In this post, I’m going to briefly touch on 3 sessions which caught my eye when looking through the programme.

1. Innovation Labs: the Journey from Big Data Lakes to Real AI Systems

Dr Andy Pardoe from Credit Suisse is going to discuss the shifting focus from big data towards analytics and machine learning systems. In this talk, he will also explore the benefits of machine learning applications outside the confines of the technology industry. Given our focus on making machine learning and artificial intelligence accessible to startups and SMEs, this is a topic close to my heart, and I’m very keen to hear his take on it.

2. Applications of Intelligent Systems in BT

Professor Ben Azvine from BT will share his experience of developing industrial applications of intelligent systems including customer service, business intelligence and cyber security. This should be very interesting, both as inspiration for novel applications of machine learning, and as an insight into their real-world impact at BT.

3. BCS Machine Intelligence Competition 2016

What better way to top off a conference about real-world applications of artificial intelligence than with live demonstrations of applications that show ‘progress towards machine intelligence’? Talks and papers are one thing, but ultimately we want to see real, working products & applications, and this competition fits the bill perfectly. I can’t wait to see what people have built!


Although it’s only a one-day event, this year’s RealAI conference looks set to be very exciting, with some great talks and demonstrations lined up. If you’re coming, see you there, otherwise follow us on social media for live updates on the day :).

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