Your website is the face of your business

What’s the point of a website?

A website is many different things to different people. Each can vary greatly; from static online brochures, to data-driven core business applications. At the very least, it is a shopfront that your clients expect to see.

How does a website help your business?

When your business is online you have a global audience to trade with. This is a powerful position to be in; one that will be even more lucrative with a well-structured website.

A well-structured website cannot be bought off the shelf!

When it comes to finding the right mix for your site – one that appeals to your target demographic – there is a lot to consider. On top of this, for the site to perform, especially in Google, it must follow best practices. Without these, being found is down to luck.

Add marketing to the mix and fly!

Online marketing is huge business and it’s proven to be a lucrative approach to generating new business. It’s at the core of global giants, such as Google, Bing and Facebook.

There are several tiers of digital marketing. From a good, SEO friendly website, through to a full-on email, social media and PPC marketing strategy, there is always a tier to suit your budget.

Know what glove fits

If we had a pound every time a client asked how much it costs to build a website we’d be on the beach in Jamaica!

But seriously, the cost of a website is never a one-size-fits-all figure. There are several variables, including:

  • type of site (brochure, e-commerce, application)
  • number of different page styles
  • emphasis on search engine visibility
  • brand positioning

And the same decisions apply when it comes to the marketing decisions, too.

Websites, by Cognitive Creations

At Cognitive Creations, web is a core competency — we live and breathe it!

Whether you’re just starting out and need a brochure website, or a bespoke browser-based application, we’ll delivery the right product for your business.

We love building websites and web applications. And you’ll find the evidence when you instruct us to build yours.

We consult, strategise, advise, develop, maintain, upgrade and host so you can focus on what you do best.


When we build your website, we will start by understanding your business model, brand, USPs and target audience. Then, when we have the right perception of your business, we’ll consult on the best solutions to fulfil these objectives.

We’re not tied to a framework

It’s not uncommon to shoehorn your website into a popular framework, simply because it’s well-known. This approach has somehow become commonplace, even though it’s not always the best fit for your requirements.

We don’t do this; we’re not tied to a particular programming language, framework or content management system. Instead, we use our broad knowledge of the entire ecosystem to pick the right technologies to suit your needs.

Get in touch

Our innovative approach allows us to deliver excellent value for all budgets. Get in touch today to see what we can do to help push your business forward.