Complete Presence Management

Because hosting is not enough!

Building your website is only the first step. Once built, your website needs secure & reliable hosting to ensure that it is always reachable. However, even that is not enough, as the pace of technology means that as soon as a website is built, it begins to age, and requires ongoing maintenance. Unfortunately, this is rarely spelled out by agencies, and clients don’t realise that their investment is falling into disrepair. This leads to a continuous cycle of expensive rebuilds which are then left to gradually deteriorate over time. Clients end up with large bills every few years, and a site which spends half its life waiting for the next rebuild.

Apps at Cognitive Creations

That’s why, at Cognitive Creations, we don’t just do hosting. When we look after your website, we take care of everything from the server software, all the way up to its code, design and content. If a new version of an underlying technology comes out and the site’s code needs changing to work with it, we do it. If Google changes its algorithms and the content, layout or markup of your site needs tweaking to ensure it performs well, we do it. If new best practices regarding the design or delivery of your site, we implement them. You don’t even need to know that it’s needed, or ask for it! We simply take care of it at no additional cost, and you get regular reports to keep you in the loop.

This way, your site is always at its best, and rather than having to completely rebuild it every few years, it evolves continuously. Instead of having to pay for a new site every few years, you have low, flat and predictable monthly costs, and only pay extra for extensions and new features.

We’re so confident in this approach, that we include three months of Complete Presence Management with every website we build.