Why native apps?

There’s no denying that the web is unbeatable for sheer reach! That said, there are cases when your business will see the distinct benefits of moving from the browser’s tab into a native app.

Because a native app is installed on the device, it’s often more robust than its web counterpart. A mobile app is less dependent on a network connection and will be able to access the device’s features, i.e. its camera and notifications system.

We also understand that a web presence is often just the tip of the marketing funnel. With the introduction of native apps, your client’s interactions can be more personal. Typically, this allows for a richer user experience, and more advanced functionality.

The app revolution

Mobile phone and tablet apps shot up in popularity when Apple launched the iPhone, in 2007. This new breed of application has proven to be an excellent concept. The arena has pushed, and continues to push, the envelope of possibilities.

There’s an app for that!

Innovative use cases are becoming ever more possible, from health monitoring to remote surgery. This has lead to businesses thinking they need one.

Apps at Cognitive Creations

If an app seems like a good idea, we will work with you to distill the concept and quantify its potential value. This ensures a deliverable that justifies the investment.

During development, we use industry-leading agile practices and a lean approach to continuously validate the concept. Adopting this approach reinforces that both you and your users get an app you can be proud of.