What is “Machine Learning”?

It’s no secret that human-like, generalised artificial intelligence, that can learn to do everything from walking and talking to making cups of tea, is still a fair way off. But machine learning has more specific goals.

In the last decade, task-specific machine learning systems have been advancing at a prodigious rate, and they can now out-perform humans in many cases. Deep Blue’s defeat of world chess champion Gerry Kasparov in 1997 was a taste of things to come, and last spring AlphaGo defeated Go grandmaster Lee Sedol. Even the world’s best Go player, Ke Jie, was reported saying AlphaGo was perfect and made no mistake. If the conditions are the same, it is highly likely that I can lose.

Task specific automation

Business has taken note, and now machine learning is being applied to everything from Google’s search and image recognition, to hedge fund investments and predicting emergency room waiting times. The reasons are simple: machines can perform repetitive tasks much faster than humans, they do not tire and make mistakes and they can respond in real-time to events such a stock market fluctuations, where microseconds can cost billions.

Machine learning is the next level of automation and will free your staff from repetitive cognitive tasks so they can focus their energies on more interesting, rewarding and impactful work.

Machine Learning, by Cognitive Creations

Cognitive Creations provides research, development and consulting in both statistical and neural-network learning. The techniques can be integrated into web, mobile and desktop developments and applied to anything from predicting user churn to planning stock levels.