Affordable Websites

Despite the obvious advantages of maintaining a high-quality website, the initial investment of time and money is often an insurmountable barrier for startups and small businesses. This can often become a vicious circle, whereby an offline business struggles because it can’t attract enough customers, and therefore can’t afford a website, so can’t get more customers.

Sometimes savvy business owners recognise this chicken-and-egg problem, and turn to companies which offer DIY drag-and-drop websites for less than the price of a good coffee. Unfortunately, this often backfires, as a-la-carte ‘optional’ extras quickly drive up the cost, and the time required to achieve even mediocre results spirals out of control.

Other times, they bite the bullet, scrape together some cash and hire whichever freelancer or agency gives them the ‘best’ quote. However, more often than not, they enter into inflexible agreements which have been so narrowly scoped that even the smallest deviation results in hefty additional costs which they can ill afford.

Even worse, the ongoing costs of owning and maintaining a website are almost never discussed in advance, so businesses find themselves saddled with additional monthly fixed costs for hosting and maintenance, which directly affects their bottom line.

Although a good web presence does wonders for a business’s image and supercharges its marketing efforts, the pitfalls outlined above can dramatically reduce the return on investment seen.

How it works

At Cognitive Creations, we are huge advocates of the transformative potential of high-quality websites. A good website will pay for itself many times over.

However, we are also a small business, and understand that cashflow is king. That is why we have developed a new batteries-included service specifically to get startups and small businesses online.

You get a fast, secure, professionally built website, tailored to suit your needs and promote your brand. You can have as many pages as you like, with no surcharges for space or bandwidth usage. We provide phone, email and SMS support for added peace of mind, reliable hosting and proactive upgrades and maintenance so your site never lags behind. We even include a domain name and matching email address to top it all off.

We call it ‘Get Online’, and it starts from £579 per month. That’s everything you need to get your business off to a flying start on the web, with minimum up-front investment. You pay the same fixed fee every month, and we take care of everything so that you can focus on running your business.