Consulting, by Cognitive Creations

One of the most frustrating facts of running a business is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Even when you’ve been working in your industry for decades and know it inside-out, innovations from other industries can come out of nowhere and either upend established dynamics, or completely disrupt the whole industry.

At Cognitive Creations, we provide hands-on consultancy on web technologies and computational intelligence. As trusted strategic partners, we provide clear, timely advice to help your business capitalise on emerging techniques and technologies, as well as identify and safeguard against potential disruption.

Unlike traditional ‘talking-head’ consultants, we take an active role in helping you implement your strategy, either by developing novel solutions in-house, or by liaising with your chosen third-party on your behalf.

Because we approach all our client relationships with a long-term perspective, we make a point of truly understanding your business, so that we can advise on ways to mitigate pain points and capitalise on advantages.