Why cloud?

“The cloud”. It’s likely everyone has heard those two words, when talking about technology or business. But what is “the cloud”, and how does it help business?

Let’s first look at the traditional model.

Traditional infrastructure

Before the cloud, companies would run on-site servers to power their business. Prudent companies would safeguard their business by purchasing more powerful servers than required. This safety net incurred unavoidable costs, as the alternative of downtime wasn’t an option.

Cost of running on-site servers

Once purchased, these servers needed to be maintained and housed in a controlled environment. This need for server administrators and secure server rooms can rapidly increase running costs. With this in mind, even relatively small companies feel the overheads of running their own servers.

How does cloud change this?

The modern cloud infrastructure decimates these costs; allowing businesses to provision only what’s required. And, being cloud-based, the economies of scale promote otherwise unattainable savings.

Not only are the running costs lower, there are many benefits, too. These include:

  • no initial investment of purchasing servers
  • decreased running costs
  • only pay for what you need
  • horizontal and vertical scaling (often dynamic)
  • secure hosting and maintenance
  • latest security updates
  • latest technology

Big benefits of cloud

As noted above, there are many benefits to moving your enterprise into the cloud. And none of these benefits are more obvious than scaling.

With an elastic model at its heart, cloud is perfect for running a far leaner operation. This is because you do not need to over-provision when you set out. Instead, you only need to upscale as the demands on your business increase – and you can scale down if need be.

And it doesn’t stop there. Many cloud providers offer advanced models that will dynamically scale to meet the demands. Simply translated, this means your clients, sales team, or investors will always get the best use from your business.

Cloud Infrastructure at Cognitive Creations

We’ve embraced the cloud to ensure that you get a lean infrastructure that will help drive your business. Additionally, we offer consultancy and development services where required on bespoke environments. This extends to deployment, running and the maintenance of your cloud infrastructure.

Call today to find out how we can save you money by switching to the cloud.