Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

Competing against deep-pocketed multi-nationals often feels like going into a gun fight with a butter knife.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the emerging field of artificial intelligence. Over the last few years, AI has gone from an academic concern to revolutionising the business world. Unfortunately, it seems that only large corporations and ridiculously funded startup ‘unicorns’ are in a position to capitalise on that revolution.

These techniques can be applied to diverse problem domains and incorporated into or employed by websites, web applications, mobile & tablet apps, and in-house systems, depending on your needs. In fact, they can even be linked to social media and messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger to turn it into an additional sales or marketing channel for direct B2C engagement.

By making these advances affordable to small and medium businesses, we hope to level the playing field & help all our clients flourish.

AI, by Cognitive Creations

At Cognitive Creations, we enable our clients to punch above their weight by giving them access to technologies & expertise normally reserved for the largest corporations.

In the narrow scope of AI as currently described by the media we offer consulting and development services for applications such as conversational agents & chat bots, image recognition, evolutionary systems, neural networks and intelligent optimisations. Within the broader umbrella of Artificial Intelligence as a discipline, we also offer Machine Learning and Data Mining.